DCW. Get list of states within a country?

A can get a list of countries within a continent with

gmt coast -E=SA+l

Is there any way to get the same with a country and its states?

Something like gmt coast -Ecountry+L?

Something like a gmt version of

grep "US" /usr/local/Cellar/gmt/HEAD-c796a90_1/share/gmt/dcw/dcw-states.txt 


For the record. Now fix in master version.

Another question.
If a run gmt coast -E=SA+gred+p -png mapa -Baf I get a map of South America with the boundaries of its countries (from the DCW dataset).

How can I get the same for the countries which have states data (i.e. the country with the states boundaries from the DCW dataset)? Is is possible?

Like coast -N ?

I think -N uses the GSHHG dataset. I want to use the DCW dataset. In the previous map will only show the boundaries of the states of Brazil and Argentina.

The problem is that DCW are polygons and you do not want to draw that outline as “political boundary” as you end up painting coastlines as well.

I am ok with coastlines (as in the case of SA map).