Delaunay Triangulation

Hello everyone,
I’m trying use triangulate to produce a .xy file to reproduce a Delaunay Triangulation (like the one in the example gallery) of my data by i get this “Segmentation fault: 11 gmt triangulate data.txt -M > rede.xy” where data.txt has values like “-16.220 39.900 3.7” inside a certain region -R with a certain -JM projection. A plot warning shows that the .xy file is empty. Can’t tell what is happening.
Any help is most welcome.

João Rocha

Assuming this is GMT 6.x and you can post a small file that shows the crash then we can have a look.

Dear @pwessel thanks for your (589 Bytes) scrip.txt (1.5 KB)
I’m using v6.1.1 of GMT. I want to plot precipitation data and i’ve started from one of the examples from the gallery to triangulate the data but got this issue.
I’ve attached the script.txt anda data.txt, both small.
Thank you once more.
João Rocha

No worries. I can reproduce the crash. However, I notice your fiel as tons of repeated points, so clearly they are not unique points suitable for triangulation. gmt triangulate has no defense against repeated points. Did you mean to use such a file or did you expect triangulate would exclude them automatically. It can be time-consuming to check a large dataset for exact duplicates. Let me know what you expected here.

Update: Your file has 31 records and they are all identical (x,y) points except for the z-values (which are not used in triangulations).

Thanks for the update.
I’ve copied just a few lines of the dataset and in fact it’s not a good chunk of data to use. I thought it could exclude repeated points but it doesn’t. Anyway i think i’ve found the way and it already triangulates the data. triangulacao.pdf (63.2 KB) . My concern now is to adapt a .cpt to these dataset. I’ll work around this.
Thanks a lot and if you don’t mind i’ll let you know of a major issue i may have on this.