Dependency of Codepage processing on the GMT version

Hi, dear developers.
Finally found the cause of my difficulties. There are degree signs on map and Cyrillic font simultaneously in case of GMT 6.1.1. Beginning with gmt 6.2 font does not displayed incorrectly (non-printable characters instead).
Another one differences.

  • GS generates a lot of messages “Warning: EPS file should be careful using /setmatrix” in case of 6.1.
  • i forced to add x-shift (20) to locate text in zero position. It looks like pstext waiting for two bytes string in this sample
  • you can’t use two code pages in one basemap, but somehow there is an influence of one on the other

Please look at my script

for /f %%i in (‘gmt --version’) do set v=%%i
psbasemap -JX14/12 -R0/70/0/14 -B+t"%v% \274\325\342\320\335" -K -Y0 -P --PS_CHAR_ENCODING=ISO-8859-5>
echo 20 7.5 \274\325\342\320\335 \276\321\351\325\325\40\341\336\324\325\340\326\320\335\330\325 |pstext -R -J -F+f16 -O -K>>
pscoast -Jq0.9 -A6000 -R10/20/40/45 -I1/0.1p,0/0/50 -Df -W0.2p,0/0/0 -O -B2/2 --PS_CHAR_ENCODING=ISOLatin1+ -Y7>>

There was a similar question last year, but i don’t understand how to use -Byaf+u@. in this case.
mar 2022
and this another one

I would like to use updated versions in the future

Thank you

text — GMT 6.6.0 documentation

First table, last line :slight_smile:

I guess you would have to add -Byafg+u@. to psbasemap -B+t[...]

Thank you, but degree symbol need to be used not in a title (or any text). I’d like to see it in map grid labels
Not in invisible basemap, but in pscoast

Looks like I started fixing this a long time a go and got side-tracked. I just submitted a new PR on GitHub:
This PR works for me with your example (get degree symbols instead of A) and shows Cyrillic text. It would be helpful if you could test this branch,