Different mac....different psxyz results

Hi to all!
I have some troubles working with psxyz. A colleague of mine and I obtained different results using the same script in two different MacBookPros. We try to change our GMT versions, but at the end the problem remained. I attach to this message the script, the input and cpt files and the two screenshots of the Mac configurations.
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The script command is:

awk ‘{ print 10*$1, $2, $3}’ pippoPGA1_05.prn | gmt psxyz -R47.5/72.5/0.0/100/0/5 -Jx0.5 -Jz3 -B5 -Bz0.5 -BwSnEZ -By+lDistance[km] -Bx+lMagnitude -So3 -W0.1 -p110/30 -Ct.cpt -V -P -i0-2,2 > test.ps

Schermata 2020-03-18 alle 16.48.33

PS: unfortunately I’m not able to upload here the cpt and input files.

You an put all files in a zip file and attach it

I’m sorry for my inexperience, but everytime I try to attach the zip file the site answers to me: Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

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Can you please try again to see if works now?


cpt_inputfiles.zip (661.0 KB)

Perfect, now it’s working!!!
Everything is inside the zip file,
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The only thing I can tell is that I get the Catalina version.

ok, thanks in the meantime!