Disable automatic plot display

How can I disable the automatic plot display in GMT 6.1 on a linux OS (e.g.Debian)?

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Are you talking about the ˋgmt end show`? Just omit « show »?

No, I’m talking about in general. For instance in a single command line to generate a plot, gmt 6.1 automatically try to display the plot, and that’s an issue for me since I’m running the gmt 6.1 on a remote server where I can´t display anything

This the GMT.jl channel. Is your question about GMT.jl?

If you’re talking about one-liner commands… maybe you could try to

set the environmental parameter GMT_END_SHOW to off.

If I’m missing your point, a code excerpt could help to understand

For instance, with the following code line, or any other code line that gemerates a plot:

gmt coast -RFR -JM6i -Gblue -B -pdf,png France1

my linux terminal window freezes because I can’t display anything in my linux server, how can I disable gmt 6.1 from automatically displaying plots?

See my answer above:)

gmt coast -RFR -JM6i -Gblue -B -pdf,png France1 --GMT_END_SHOW=off

I am getting an error with gmt-6.4.0_win64. Maybe that option is only available for the dev version.

coast [ERROR]: Unrecognized keyword GMT_END_SHOW.
coast [ERROR]: Option -- parsing failure. Correct syntax:

  --PAR=<value> Temporarily override GMT default setting(s) (repeatable).
     (See gmt.conf documentation for GMT default parameters).
coast [ERROR]: Offending option --GMT_END_SHOW=off

But this is working on my pc:

gmt begin France1 pdf,png; gmt coast -RFR -JM6i -Gblue -B; gmt end

I just install 6.5.0_5528468_2023.03.21. But there is no GMT_END_SHOW:

gmt defaults | grep -i show

returns nothing

Maybe it has to be put before -pdf,png?

… well, it’s in the docs… maybe not up-to-date ? @pwessel?

For reference: https://docs.generic-mapping-tools.org/latest/cookbook/one-liner.html?highlight=one+liner

It is not a GMT default setting - it is an environmental parameter. Since one-liners are for just testing and prototyping we did not want to add to the long list of parameters for very special situation like doing prototyping on a headless server or running our tests. So just

export GMT_END_SHOW=off

in whatever syntax is needed for your shell. Also see the gmt end man page - we could hint that there as well

Oh well, our one-liner documentation also explains it, so just a case of user not reading the relevant documentation in this case.