Doubt about grdfft

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Recently, I read and tried to use grdfft to filter a geotiff with no success so far. Before keep trying, I would like to ask if it is possible what I am after. I enclosed a figure here to show the steps I want to do. Based on this figure, is grdfft the right tool to do the filtering (original → filtered)? I understand it is.

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grdfft will filter a grid in the spectral domain as your figure suggests. However, we do not offer a boxcar filter as it leads to excessive ringing. You may want to try either the Butterworth or the Gaussian filters. If you need to look at the 2-D spectrum then see the nitty-gritty details on -N in grdfft.

First of all thanks a lot for the explanation, I tried for a while the nitty-gritty details on -N with no luck, it would be great to have a showcase about it, thanks again.

Are you able to post the geotiff (or link to it) here? What is the objective of the filtering?