Draping a pswiggle output over a 3d rendering by grdview

I’m wondering if this is possible with GMT?

I’m plotting echosounder (fisheries acoustics) data with pswiggle, The z (or m) value is the filtered backscatter from the ping at the coords of the first 2 columns. This works pretty well on a flat seabed.

I also have such data for fish aggregations on undersea features (small hills, up to several hundred m high). I can plot the terrain in a 3D perspective with grdview, but want to know if it is possible to drape the pswiggle lines over the 3D image?

I’ve done this many years ago with OpenDX, but I’d like to do it with GMT if that is possible.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Brent Wood

Hi Brent

I think that it is not possible to use pswiggle to plot in on an 3D perspective image.

But you can make a 2d geotiff map and then drape that image over the relief (with grdview -G). See example 32.