Duplicate lines or line segments using gmt spatial

Hi team!!!

I am trying to use GMT to detect duplicate lines or line segments. I had an issue a while ago, and it was fixed in a version of GMT 5, and that was discussed here: http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/boards/1/topics/3351

However, the same command that I used before, does not flag any issues. I have tried a range of combinations of commands, and gmt spatial does not seem to recognise any issues. Any tips?

gmt spatial ${subduction_boundaries} -fg -D+d10k+C0.2+p -V2

For the test file, I have 3 lines:

  • 1 line is not duplicated at all
  • 1 line is an exact duplicate
  • 1 line is a sub-segment and partial duplicate

I have looked through the forum and couldn’t find any similar issues. I am on GMT 6.3.0_1f89069_2021.06.06 [64-bit]. A self-contained ZIP file to replicate my observations is attached. AndesTest.zip (2.3 KB)


Thanks Sabin, will have a look tomorrow.

Hi @szahirovic, should be fixed in master now - sorry for the snafu.

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Paul, that worked beautifully! Thank you so much!!!

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