The EGM96_to_360.txt is unavailable for me to check the sph2grd feature

gmt sph2grd EGM96_to_360.txt -Rg -I1 -V

Might be a typo, try @EGM96_to_36.txt? I see it’s available at The full 360deg ascii file seems to be available at if you need it.

Hi Weiji14,

Yes, Indeed. Thank you for so much.

Sorry to resurrect this thread. The cddis FTP website now seems to be down, does anyone know of another copy of this complete file of coefficients for EGM96 to 360? All references on the web point back to that broken FTP link…

Bet David has a copy but on his annual hike I think…

Thanks! I’ll check with him, there’s no rush - I was just thinking that now that GMT includes SRTM GL1 as a remote dataset, we could use these coefficients to make WGS84-relative DEMs on the fly for InSAR processing with a few lines of code. That would save a lot of time for us GMTSAR users.

I agree, which is why we proposed that improvement to NASA and of course they turned us down.