EGU 2022 Short-course proposal

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly Call-for-sessions has opened up (deadline for submissions is on 6 September 2021. They are planning for a hybrid conference (i.e. in-person at Vienna and online) spanning from 3 to 8 April 2022, and the short-course (SC) can be of 3 different formats (vote for your preferred format below, you can pick more than one option!):

Short-course format
  • On-site offline SCs taking place in a lecture room in Vienna without options for virtual attendance (max room capacity is 85 seats)
  • On-site online SCs (hybrid SCs) taking place in a lecture room inside the congress centre but allowing virtual attendance.
  • Online-only SCs are recorded short courses to be followed online with no physical event in the congress centre.

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Just wanted to gauge people’s availability and interest in organizing a workshop for GMT/PyGMT/GMT.jl, and if there’s any interest from the community. The maximum time for on-site short-courses is 3hr 30min (2x 1hr 45min time block).

More details:


Ok, draft proposal started at (message me if you need edit permissions). We’ll probably go for “SC5 – Techniques & software for data analysis”. There can be up to 5 co-conveners, and there are bonus points for having a mix of 1) gender, 2) career stages (early to seasoned) and 3) origin (i.e. people from across Europe or worldwide).

Just to be clear, I’d prefer for someone based in Europe (or a Europe-friendly timezone) to take the main lead on this (especially if a hybrid or on-site short-course is taking place). I’m just facilitating the discussion :slightly_smiling_face: Also, this can be GMT/GMT.jl/PyGMT, depending on who’s leading and what people are interested in.

Unless Covid continues in the Spring of 2022 I am likely to attend the EGU since I hope to be in Oxford on sabbatical. However, I should not lead since I cannot tell tuple from a triple. But I can probably pay for things.

Ok, let’s discuss this at the GMT Community Zoom Meeting, September 02 (UTC 1900) :wink:

I’ll be at EGU (in person if possible or at least online) but I’m a bit over-committed already and the first half of 2022 is looking likely to be hellish (end of probation + 2 other profs away). I’m happy to help and teach a bit but won’t be able to take the lead on this.

Thanks for kicking this off @weiji14! Don’t know what we’d do without you :slightly_smiling_face: I owe you several drinks/meals/stickers whenever we meet in person.

Thanks Leo, glad to have your support :grin: Since the deadline is coming up (Monday 6 September), I’ve shamelessly copied the old proposal from and put myself as the main lead (though I probably won’t be in Vienna for this) :slightly_smiling_face:

Could people who are co-conveners (or interested in becoming one) please:

  1. Proofread the document at and edit as you please
  2. Add their name to the list on hackmd. At the moment I think @andrebelem, @leouieda and @meghanj have expressed their interested.

We can also discuss this in more detail on the Slack channel. Please message me if you don’t have permission to the hackmd page and/or the Slack channel.

Ok, draft proposal submitted (!

Going with the hybrid style and tying it with the ESSI | Earth & Space Science Informatics co-organization. Probably still have time to edit within the next 12 hours, so let me know if any last minute changes are needed. Otherwise, :crossed_fingers: that this gets accepted!

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So I haven’t received any official email yet, but the PyGMT EGU22 short course has appeared on the website at, so it seems to be semi-confirmed? I’ll post another update once there is an actual date and time (will be sometime in early April 2022).

Ok, just got an email today that our EGU short course is confirmed! I’ll post an update on the GMT website later for visibility (edit: done at Will post an announcement on twitter next year when EGU conference registration opens.

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A couple notes from today’s EGU short course (SC) programme chair update

  • We need to let them know by next Tuesday (22 Feb) if we want to switch to online only
  • To host a hybrid short course, at least one of the conveners must be present in Vienna
  • Online only means that the SC needs to be prerecorded (<90 minutes) and provided online. It will be available for on-demand viewing throughout the conference period but will not receive a physical room on Vienna

Any opinions @weiji14, @leouieda, @andrebelem about proceeding as hybrid versus switching to virtual-only?

Hi @meghanj ,
thinking from a practical point of view since the vast majority will be virtual at the EGU, I think that moving to online only will be better. I don’t see any major problems with recording, just that the interaction decreases drastically. However, those who really want to dive into the “pyGMTverse” will enjoy the best of both worlds (hybrid or online).
We can create a virtual room and schedule a presence between us. In the last EGU it worked fine for me. I had about 20 people at a given time.
What do you think ? @weiji14, @leouieda

I agree with you both that it would be better to move to online only and that it would be great to create a virtual space with a scheduled presence for some interactivity.

I’m in favor of online only as well. It’s looking increasingly likely that I won’t be taking part in EGU this year with the new date and all.

Ok, let’s switch to online only then. I’ll send an email to the EGU organizers.

Date and time for the EGU22 short course has been confirmed! It will be Tuesday 24 May 2022 13:10-14:40 UTC. I’ve started a new repo at, and all of the conveners (@leouieda, @meghanj, @andrebelem) should have edit access (if not, let me know). Feel free to start opening GitHub issues to track ideas on what sort of content we want to pre-record for this 1.5 hour short course :smiley: