Environmental parameter X2SYS_HOME

I am trying to use x2sys_init module, but I can’t understand how to set the environmental parameter X2SYS_HOME. I made the definition file, but I can’t continue.
Is this needs debugging like here:

or what?
I have already read the documentation of the module but I can’t handle it.
I tried to create a directory named “X2SYS_HOME” but it didn’t work.
any help please!

Sorry, basic OS skills required. E.g., on a Unix/Linux/Macos system you would decide you want all this to happen in, say, the /home/whatever/somedirectory folder, create that folder if not existing, and you would just set

export X2SYS_HOME /home/whatever/somedirectory

If you are doing stuff on a Windows cmd window the process is probably different.
And on *nix these things depends on what shell you are using. Just google it.

yes I use cmd “Windows 10”

Open your … and hit “Environment Variables”. Google if you need more help.

Thank you so much, it works.