Error when running multiple programs at the same time

When saving a png image using GMT.jl, the name of the ps file before conversion to png is always /tmp/
For this reason, running multiple programs at the same time will result in an error due to duplicate file names.
Is there a way to deal with this?

Yep, that is an issue. Are you running the multiple programs in different REPL sessions, I assume? In the same one, using some trick to call them in parallel, it cannot probably work because because they would be sharing the same GMT session, but in different REPLs it should be possible to make that work

A possibility for now is to use only modern mode scripts. Those that start/stop with gmtbegin()/gmtend() as presumably they run from different PIDs and hence each one in it’s own directory.

Thank you for your kind comments.
I did not know about modern mode.
I used gmtbegin()/gmtend() and it worked.
Thank you very much.