I was testing the following script
pscoast -Rd -JN0/6.5i -B60f30g30 -Dc -A10000 -Ggoldenrod -Ssnow2 -X1i -Y4i > ${psfile}
psxy -Rd -JN -O -Sc0.5c -Gblue -K -V -P << EOF >> ${psfile}
70 25
140 -75
150 -72
gs ${psfile}

i received the following
psxy [INFORMATION]: Processing input table data
psxy [INFORMATION]: Spherical approximation used
psxy [INFORMATION]: Map scale is 2057.76 km per cm or 1:2.05776e+08.
psxy [INFORMATION]: Reading Data Table from Standard Input stream
GPL Ghostscript 9.26 (2018-11-20)
Copyright (C) 2018 Artifex Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
Loading NimbusSans-Bold font from /usr/share/ghostscript/9.26/Resource/Font/NimbusSans-Bold… 4572332 2947315 6735368 5404075 1 done.

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XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server “:0”
after 302 requests (302 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

Well, pscoast needs -K and psxy needs just -O (not -K).

Thanks a lot sir