Fig.meca - change colour of beachball


Is there a way of changing the color of the compressional quadrants of the focal mechanism? By default, the beachball is black.

My code so far:

# store focal mechanisms parameters in a dict
focal_mechanism = dict(strike=330, dip=30, rake=90, magnitude=3)

# pass the focal mechanism data to meca in addition to the scale and event location
fig.meca(focal_mechanism, scale="1c", 
         longitude=124.3, latitude=4.1, depth=12.0)

I understand that the -G or pen option is usually used to specify the color in GMT but I wasn’t able to pass this on successfully to fig.meca. The fig.meca documentation does not elaborate.


Yes, the -G option is not aliased yet. Currently, you can simply use G="blue" when calling Figure.meca().

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