File location not found due to spaces in the file name

Dear all -

I am trying to download the GMT remote server data (i.e., gmt grdimage @earth_synbath) with bash script. However, the script cannot access user/xxxx xxx/.gmt/ due to xxxx xxx having space in between.

I have been searching how to change my window user file name in C drive, it seems to be a lot of work & risky. I wonder is there other ways to solve this problem? How can I specify my file path in my bash script?

Thanks a lot for all of your help!

Having spaces in file and directory names is near the top of the “Oh please, never do any of those things” :wink:

If you have access to another directory that does not have holes in its name, you can try to set an environmental variable GMT_USERDIR to point to such a directory.

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I have many directories that root directly on C:\. No risk at all and no troubles in creating them. I have a recall that maybe depending on the user account type Windows may issue a warning but that’s Win shitty talk.

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yes, it was really stupid of me to not think carefully before deciding my user name. Thanks a lot!

Thank you! I’ll look into that ^^