Fit political limitis in a grid and in a pscoast map

Hi! I have few questions:
I am trying to fit the borders of this map, but I am having some problems to do it.

My code:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
gmt begin inset pdf, I+m1c
gmt grdimage $infile -R65/95/8/50 -JM$print_size -I+a100+ne0.8
gmt pscoast -R65/95/8/50 -JM$print_size -B -Dh -N1/1.00p,
gmt end show

I guess it is a projection problem, but I haven been able to figure it out.

*Other question: How would I plot only the outside border shape (not the border inland)?
thanks in advance!

Hmm, what is the problem? I don’t see anything obviously wrong.

Please rephrase. Hard to understand.

Maybe like the map of the link below where is orange in the internal side of the border?

pscoast -W will draw the “outside borders”
for finer control look at pscoast -E (and omit -N1)

I think OP wants something like this

Sorry for my bad writing @Joaquim. I solved. In the same way thank you!!


Solved. Thank you @Esteban82