Fixed size font in: label axis, text, ticts

Hi friends

I am preparing some maps of the borders of the tectonic plates and the main earthquakes for my paper. I would like to have more control of the size for the fonts in: label axis, text, etc. I mean, it does not matter the scale of the map, I would like the map plot font size 11 and font type Times New Roman’. However, when a change the scale to try to accommodate the map in my paper I lost the sizes of the fonts.

¿Could you suggest a way to manage the fixed size fonts?

                  Greetings Adrián

In modern mode, font sizes automatically scale with the map size. However, if you set specific sizes via gmt set FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY, FONT_LABEL etc then those will be used as is.


Thanks for your advice about the size control of the font, it works ok. However, when I try to set the size font of a SECONDARY option for example:

import pygmt as gmt

gmt.config(MAP_FRAME_TYPE=‘plain’, FORMAT_GEO_MAP=‘ddd’,

It does not work.

Could you help me with this problem?

                     Greetings Adrián