Focal mechanism and Tectonic plates modelling

Hi user
I am babloo student of MS Seismology. I am new user on GMT community and i want to use it frequently. i want to install GMT for window 10 please help me and tell me step by step procedures and about the path at the end. Plz also tell me what kind of supporting software require to install. or either it is standalone version for generic mapping of topo and geographic and focal mechanism and tectonic plate modelling.

Did you read the GMT docs, namely the installing instructions?

Hi babloo, as @Joaquim mentioned, please try to follow the install guide (see the bottom of If you have trouble let us know so we can fix the instructions.

Sir Joaquim and Leouieda
i have install the GMt with all supporting file same time.
but i dont know what is input file in gmt command window and how enter the data to make a file and plot the foca mechanism on GMT of out study area? help me and send me one program with input file and geivn step by step instruction to plot a focal mechanism on study area.

sir i cant find the path of GMT. i have installed complete GMT package with directories and library.

Sir i could find and understand the path how i can give this. there is bugs given below shown when i enter GMT or gmt or psbasemap
sir this type or error has been occurred during files how i read and what type of files these and what type of error this. how i can remove this to make a map my first map plz reply.

C:\Users\nas> -JM10c -R80/110/0/35 -Ba10 >
‘-JM10c’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
C:\Users\nas>operable program or batch file.
‘operable’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

@babloo there is no point in asking help if you don’t help yourself. You have been pointed to the documentation. I’m doing it again, read and practice the tutorial.

thanks sir,
this is window based window 10 64 bit now the problem is how use it and how give the path i cant understand to give the path. i have installed GMT 6.0.0.
that why i contacting you frequently. if i succeed to make one and first map then this is my big achievement for me.
so please help me to resolve it. thanks for cooperation.

Tell us. Have you looked at the tutorial that I pointed you?

@babloo as Joaquim pointed out, compare the code you pasted here with the GMT tutorial Does it look the same? GMT is not a simple GUI that you can learn without reading the tutorial.