Focal mechanisms in cross sections

Hello GMT community

I am having some troubles plotting focal mechanism in a cross section. I already obtained a graphic output but it is not what I expected. I do not what is wrong with my code but probably is related to the parameters of pscoupe (-A option), which I am not very familiar with.

I attach my code, the input file, graphic output and the created files (one of them is 2 column of zeros :sweat:).

I will apprecciate a lot your help

New (305.2 KB)

I think the biggest problem is the dip angle of your cross-section profile. dip=0 means a horizontal cross-section, and dip=90 means a vertical cross-section.

In your command, you use dip=8, which is close to a horizontal cross-section. Changing the dip angle to 90, gives me the below figure:

FYI, here (2020-unavco-course/seismology at master · GenericMappingTools/2020-unavco-course · GitHub) are some materials for psmeca and pscoupe which may be useful.

Thanks a lot @seisman
I thought this value was equivalent to the dipping angle of the subducting slab.
Thanks for the aclaration and the link with focal mechanisms material. I will check it :slight_smile:


Currently I want to learn how to use the pscoupe module to do a similar plot the focal mechanisms with the cross section for the subduction zone near to Tumaco - Colombia. I am having a lot of troubles to learn about this tool, have you any guide, videos or books about the correct use of this module on GMT?


Have you check animation14?
What doubts do you have?

Thanks, I will see animation14.
The true is I’m noob with GMT and its modules. I followed all the tutorial that I found in the GMT webpage, but I have not found a correct guide to use Coupe or pscoupe. I don´t know what is the input file format of the focal mechanisms, I wonder if coupe or pscoupe modules is available in PyGMT and others. It is the reason why I am asking about a beginner guide to do the cross section with the focal mechanisms.

Note: Sorry if my questions are very basics but I haven´t found enough information yet.