FONT_ANNOT properties


I would like to have some control on the tick lengths and the spacing between ticks and axes labels. I saw on the documentation that FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY +2p should have a handle on this, where 2p is just an example value (I am not sure if something like 2p/3p/4p is allowed). However, I don’t not know what does this exactly do, so I started experimenting with my script. Now every label on my plot is sort of off (I do observe a change in tick length) and I don’t know how to even set it back to default. I tried gmtdefaults -D but these + properties are not listed.

Another thing I would like to do is to have different font sizes for X and Y labels. Could this be achieved by “FONT_ANNOT”?

Thank you!

The +size means everything is scaled proportionally relative to the font size using the proportions of the defaults. You can always override specific settings like tick lengths (MAP_TICK_LENGTH) or annotations offsets (MAP_ANNOT_OFFSET) etc etc. To get different fonts for different axes you will have to plot basemap twice (once for x and once for y).

Great! Thanks for the tops!