FORMAT_FLOAT_OUT and re-ordering output

This is not necessarily a bug, but was something I just noticed, that struck me as a bit peculiar.

Given a double precision binary file (t.bin) that has (say) three columns: lon, lat, height.

Lets say we want to create a text version and change the order of columns to be height, lon, lat. And, lets also say that we only want four significant digits for the height and ten digits for lon,lat. We’ll use the --FORMAT_FLOAT_OUT specifier for the latter.

The command one can use is:

gmt gmtconvert -bi3d t.bin -o2,0,1 --FORMAT_FLOAT_OUT="2:%10.4,0-1:%15.10" > t.txt

What is peculiar is that the FORMAT_FLOAT_OUT specifier is set with regard to order of the input, not the output order.

Is that by design? Just a little confusing. Probably should state that in the gmt.conf item for FORMAT_FLOAT_OUT.