Generation of map with solutions 2300x2762 pixels

Hi all,
I am trying to generate a map of my country with a resolution of 2300x2762 pixels, I don’t know how to dimension in GMT with this result, please I need your support in terms of the commands to solve this problem, thanks.

Hi Franklin,

I’m not aware of a direct way to get pixel-perfect maps. I guess you checked the documentation for PS_MEDIA (scroll a bit down).

My way forward would be to make a paper format which suits your plot dimension relations, generate a PostScript file and then convert it with an external program to the pixel dimensions required.

But maybe there is an easier way as well …? Lets see what other users can contribute.

Well, that is a size, not a resolution.
Have a look at psconvert -A. Its man says

Use the -A+s new_width to resize the output image to exactly new_width units. The default is to use what is set by PROJ_LENGTH_UNIT but you can append a new unit and/or impose different width and height. What happens here is that Ghostscript will do the re-interpolation work and the final image will retain the DPI resolution set by -E .

so I guess that given a DPI you can impose a width such it ~= 2762. Now if aspect ratio leads also to height ~= 2300, that’s a different issue.

Thank you very much, your contributions were very helpful.
on the other hand I want to put the epicenter of an earthquake with its shock waves, how could I do this, could you please support me in this, thank you.