Geodesic calculations in GMT

Is there a solution to direct geodesic problem in GMT ?

Yes it has, just not sure where without diving in the manuals. project is one place but it’s spherical approximation only. I’m sure we have functions that use Vincent’s algorithm but again, don’t know a pointer from top of my head.

And you may also be interested in this story that was quite discussed in this forum

I have noticed the usages of project module, but it is a bit inconvenient

$ gmt project -C0/0 -A45 -G100 -L0/100 -Q
-3.18055468146e-15	3.18055468146e-15	0
0.635941801416	0.635902632934	100

It requires -L option and cannot get a single point.

Also, I want an ellipsoid solution in GMT.