GMT 4.5.18 download issue

Hello. There is a problem with the GMT 4.5.18 for Windows 64 bit download because it is coming from a ftp site from the former keepers of GMT in Hawaii. OpendTect 6.4.5 appears to have a problem with any version of GMT above this. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, what is the problem?
The file is downloadable from

Joaquim, The link goes to the ftp site shown in the screenshot and nothing happens.

Well, that link is correct and it works fine for me, so perhaps there are isues on your end?

Forgot to mention. It works fine for me too (on the other side of Earth from that site).

Okay, my security is pretty tight. I will check it out. Thanks for the responses!

My Google Chrome browser was the problem. I read it had disabled support for FTP. I used MS Edge and it downloaded fine and it does work in OpendTect. Thank you for the help!