GMT 4 server seemed to be down

I know I know I need to update to gmt5 or 6 but the program I use is integrated with GMT4…

Ubuntu just had a major update and now GMT4 commands can’t find, despite me updating netcdf. I am trying to re-install GMT 4 to see if that will help and when I try get get the package to reinstall it from the site, I get the following:

Please contact the gmt support team and let them know the gmttemp directory does not exist.

Did you try to install from source code?

The gmt4.5.18 is working on my Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS when installed from source code.

Ok this is great. Does this method work for GMT4? :

I notice that DSW and gshhg ftp sites are also depreciated does that matter?

We are not still maintaining the old GMT 4 site so I do not know what could be done about the gmttemp directory, but the FTP mirrors also contain old releases for GMT, dcw, and gshhg: Modern browsers do not support ftp navigation, but you could look at the legacy dir in one of the mirrors with http.

You just need gshhg. GMT4 does not use dsw.