GMT 5 Bug in grdcontour?

Dear all,

I noticed that grdcontour in GMT 5 (I tested versions 5.4.5 and 5.3.1 - both give the same result) does not take the correct color/font for the annotation of the contour lines. In my example, I have a color plot generated by grdimage and I put contours on top. The contour lines should have white color, and the annotation should be with black color on white background. However, grdcontour takes the annotation color from the -W option (which is white) and not from the -A option as it should do. The same example runs perfectly with GMT 6 and also with GMT 4 and lower. Is this a bug in grdcontour and is there some hope for correcting this in a new version?

My example is the following:
gmt grdcontour gridfile -JX20.00d/10.00d -R-180/+180/-90/+90 -C10 -A50+f10p,Helvetica,black+g255/255/255 -Wa0.75p,255/255/255 -Wc0.25p,255/255/255 -Gd15c -O -K -V >> $pfile

Any help is very much appreciated.

With best regards,
Heiner Denker
Leibniz University Hannover

PS: I attach the two results from GMT5 and GMT6 (with correct annotation) in a shared jpg file:


We likely won’t release anymore of the GMT5 version series. Why would we? GMT6 has all of GMT5 plus a ton of bug fixes and new features.

Yes, I agree. There is no resources on our end to maintain obsolete versions.

Okay, thanks, that is fine - I will then use GMT 6 in the future.