GMT 6.4 for Julia

Hellow Joaquim.
How are you doing? Sorry to bother you.
I am trying a couple of simple things in the Julia Wrapper for GMT and I was wondering if you could help me a bit.

First the hard one. I need to use grdfft but I get this message:

Warning: Sorry but you need at least GMT 6.4 to use this module. Previous version had a bug that prevented Julia wrapper to work.

I can only find installer for 6.3.0_7. Where can I get 6.4?

The second question is, how can I add -Na (from the classic GMT) here:

coast(region=(-74,-58,0,13), proj=:Mercator, figsize=25,frame=(annot=2, grid=2,ticks=1),N=:a)

Hi Mariano,

GMT4 is not out yet but will be in a day or 2 (we are waiting for a certificate?) . But you are on Windows, right? Then just uninstall your GMT and next time you run GMT.jl a very recent GMT6.4dev will be installed automatically.

You have it with N=:a. Confirmation with Vd=1

coast(region=(-74,-58,0,13), proj=:Mercator, figsize=25,frame=(annot=2, grid=2,ticks=1),N=:a, Vd=1)
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Hi Joaquim.

I am working on Mac and Ubuntu. It is OK I can wait a few days hehehe.

I thought N=:a should work, but I am getting my map without the boundaries. Maybe I am missing something?

Verbose mode reads the -Na properly, but won’t plot.

pscoast -R-74/-58/0/13 -JM25 -Bpa2f1g2 -BWSen -Na -Da -P -K > /var/folders/b1/p8hb0_6s3sq2kb9fcbmvgsr00000gn/T/

Quite likely because you are plotting the coast first and hiding that with the image. First image, next coast.

Regarding 6.4 if you are waiting that Ubuntu distributes it you may wait sit because it may take years. Better is to build it yourself.

I can built it for ubuntu when it comes out. But I do most of my mapping in Mac anyway. So, I just need it to call ir from Homebrew.
I guess it will take a few weeks.
Thanks for the tip hahaha. I get all messed up with the modern julia way and miss things like that hahaha