GMT and macOS Big Sur

As Mac users know, Apple released its latest macOS version, Big Sur, today. Usually, when a new macOS is released there may be some initial problems that only UNIX users will notice, such as problems with your UNIX distribution (macPorts, home-brew,fink), Xcode compiler updates, and their ability to compile GMT.
None of the GMT developers have (yet) taken the plunge into Big Sur, so we are not well positioned to answer questions if you do and run into troubles. We recommend that you hold off on updating, at least for your main production machines, until we give our official “all clear” message.

FWIW - I boldly went where no one had gone before. Installed Big Sur on an iMac.

Then updated XCode and command line components.

After a bit of wrestling with MacPorts, I installed GDAL and NetCDF ports. Then git-pulled the latest version of GMT and tried to build. Ran into a little issue about 50% into the build process - in that I had forgotten to get the port for openBLAS, but once I did that, then the rest of the build process went without a hitch. I hadn’t seen Paul’s announcement before hand, or else I might have waited. The iMac is a personal computer, and is not dependent for work-related duties, so I was willing to risk treading down an untried path. Good luck to others!

Hi John, I also installed Big Sur on my laptop this weekend. Macports now offer an installer for Big Sur and apart from some minor hickups (a few port install commands failed halfway through but rerunning them worked) I got everything needed for developers to build and test GMT. I think homebrew also works so I guess this problem is now moot.

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GMT6.1.1. was installed from Mac .dmg package on my Mac Book Pro laptop under mac OS El Capitan. I’ve updated to Big Sur this monday and runned some of my GMT scripts without any problem.

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Yep, should be no problems running GMT from installers; the only issues had to do with building GMT.