GMT and PyGMT Mastodon migration

I hope this Lounge category is the best place to discuss this.

There have been some discussions before on GMT and PyGMT GitHub issues about migrating the GMT/PyGMT presence from the site formerly known as Twitter and now called X to the Open Source social media ecosystem called the Fediverse with its most popular platform called Mastodon.

This issue is relevant now because the PyGMT team is announcing the PyGMT 0.10.0 release and they find that they can’t use the former Tweetdeck application to post from the shared GMT account on “X” without subscribing to the new “X pro” account:

I have been using a personal account on Mastodon since the ownership of Twitter changed at the end of October 2022. It has a smaller but much more sane set of users than what “X” has now.

Over on GitHub, @weiji14 brought up the issue of using an account with a shared password. The former Tweetdeck application allowed multiple users to have access to a Twitter account without sharing a single account password.

I asked on Mastodon for advice about a similar application for Mastodon, and one recommendation was for the Buffer app:

Sorry for the late reply @EJFielding, we had some internal discussion, but the multi-account setup was still a bit of a hassle to coordinate, and we’re not super active on social media so the effort/gain ratio wasn’t so appealing. I noticed though that Discourse has an ActivityPub plugin now, so that might be another way we can bring GMT into the Fediverse - Add Discourse ActivityPub plugin to GMT forum