GMT Community Zoom Meeting, August 18, 2022 (UTC 1300)

The next GMT Community Zoom Meeting will be on Thursday, August 18, 2022 at UTC 1300! All are welcome! Please share any topics that you would like to discuss.


Preliminary Agenda for August 18, 2022 Meeting

  1. New paid C developer Roger Davis [SOEST] now working on GMT on a trial basis
    1.1 Onboarding,
    1.2 Long option implementation (10 modules plus common options; next open up for help with doing the rest)
    1.3 Next steps
  2. Updates to remote data set (and how to improve process)
    2.1 GEBCO 2022
    2.2 Sandwell FAA/VGG)
  3. GMT Summits 2023
    3.1 Need to spend USD 10k before June on developers
    3.1 Plan weeklong summit at Scripps summer 2023.
    3.2 Joint GMT/PyGMT or separate?
  4. Outlook for GMT 6.5
  5. GMT data server home long-term.
  6. Paul moving to Norway mid-October

Zoom recording of the meeting has been published on our YouTube Channel.