GMT Community Zoom Meeting, February 03, 2022 (UTC 1900)

The next GMT Community Zoom Meeting will be on Thursday, February 03, 2022 at UTC 1900! All are welcome! Please share any topics that you would like to discuss.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Status update on GMT development
  • Adding more colormap packages to GMT
  • Documentation for dcw collections
  • Remote dataset additions/updates
    • Announcement plans on Forum, Twitter, Instagram
    • Adapting gallery/animation scripts to use the new datasets
  • Open discussion

It would be very useful if one of the topics is was about for netcdf file and how to interpolate the netcdf files values.

Faster through the manual?

@marina.pekri, were you able to find an answer through the documentation page that Joaquim shared?

I have one issue for the open discussion

  1. New remote data sets:

    • Make announcement of them on the Forum, Twitter, Instagram?
    • Adapt scripts of the gallery/animation to use them or at least add a note?

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