GMT Community Zoom Meeting, October 13 (UTC 1900)

The next GMT Community Zoom Meeting will be on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at UTC 1900! All are welcome! Here’s a preliminary agenda for the meeting - feel free to suggest more agenda items by commenting in this thread.

Preliminary agenda:

  • Status update on GMT development
  • GMT 6.3 Release Plans
  • Structuring teams on GitHub
  • Updating datasets on GMT server

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Meeting ID: 917 2860 9837


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  • Paul Wessel
  • Walter Smith
  • Joaquim Luis
  • Claus-Peter Rueckermann
  • Federico Esteban
  • Wei Ji Leong
  • Meghan Jones
  • John Robbins
  • Leonardo Uieda


  • Status update on GMT development
    • Number of open issues (230) / PRs (19)
      • 09/13/2021 - 10/13/2021- 74 merged PRs, 43 closed issues, 8 new issues, 11 authors, 284 files, 5,262 additions, 3,530 deletions
    • NASA Proposal was not funded
    • Active development
  • GMT 6.3 Release Plans
    • Estimated to be around end of October, will definitely be before AGU conference.
    • Joachim mentioned there might be something with GDAL breaking things on Windows due to missing symbols (
    • New ghostscript out - sometimes leads to breakages; need to install latest (v9.55) and run all the tests
    • Mostly focusing on bug fixing, new features exist
    • Windows 11 recently released - would be good to find a way to test GMT
    • 4 out of 5 animations have been updated so far, one more still to update. There’s a cool animation by Federico about Indiana Jones flying around a map, and Paul is working on an animation about zooming in closer to a place with seamless resolution change.
  • Structuring teams on GitHub
    • Right now there is gmt-contributors and gmt-admins, would be good to have an intermediate ‘gmt-maintainers’ team with more permissions
    • For the PyGMT repository, nested teams was used which allows for upward mobility and easy pinging of groups, could adopt a similar structure for GMT
    • More information can be found at this discussion thread:
    • Meghan will make adjustments to teams if no objections via GitHub by next week
  • Updating datasets on GMT server
    • Plan to release new versions after dvc update for GMT tests
    • Working with SOEST to setup test URL
    • Adding newest SRTM15+ (publication in progress)
      • Two new versions - one newest update and the other a product with John Goff to make predictions at highest frequencies based on studies of abyssal hill patterns and gaussian small seamounts (earth_synbath)
      • SRTM15+ updates are sporadic - will create a GitHub Action to check for latest updates
    • Got permission to put gravity datasets with series of resolutions
    • Two magnetic grids (EMAG and wdmam)
    • All using the creators’ preferred colormaps as the defaults
    • Updates of remote files and source code are decoupled, except that all documentation occurs in the GMT repository so it would be helpful to coordinate such that the documentation is included in 6.3
    • Coastline data: Dcw is quite old and does not agree with the OSM
      • Plans to update GSHHG
      • Difficulty modelling regions with area below sea level
      • Joachim suggested using GADM, which is a newer dataset but GMT can’t redistribute it due to licensing issues
      • SWOT mission included inland lakes dataset
  • Any other business
    • PyGMT has a 3 min (virtual only) lightning talk for AGU in December on Friday afternoon
    • Paul will be on sabbatical in Oxford next year in Northern Hemisphere Spring, and then Norway
    • EGU short course next year (, seems to be on website, but didn’t get official confirmation email, so should be happening? Some of us might be in Vienna depending on situation.