GMT Community Zoom Meeting, September 02 (UTC 1900)

The next GMT Community Zoom Meeting will be on Thursday, September 2, 2021 at UTC 1900! All are welcome! Here’s a preliminary agenda for the meeting - feel free to suggest more agenda items by commenting in this thread.

Preliminary agenda:

  • Status update on GMT development
    • Long options implementation
  • Update from summer workshops
  • EGU short course proposal
  • Documentation improvements
    • Updating animations
    • Page for simple examples
  • Community maintained GMT-related repository for datasets
  • Data version control for GMT image-based tests
  • GMT user survey proposal

Topic: GMT Community Zoom Meeting - September 02, 2021
Time: Sep 2, 2021 07:00 PM Universal Time UTC

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Meeting ID: 941 4530 2549


Still don’t know if I can attend. Won’t have a computer nearby but it will depend on Wi-Fi availability for mobile.

The community meeting is being postponed one week to September 2, 2021 at UTC 1900. Hope to see you all then!

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Just realized I’ve got another meeting at the same time, so I might just listen to the recording (unless people are ok with rescheduling to UTC 1800 or UTC 2000). Hopeful that there will be some good discussion on the EGU proposal and DVC stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry that you won’t be able to attend, it would have been nice to get your input on those agenda items. I’ll make sure to post the recording shortly after the meeting so that you can provide any feedback online after.

Sorry, I won’t make it tonight either. Will watch the recording when that’s available and leave some comments on the shared notes.

Hope to see everyone next time!

2021/09/02 Community Meeting

YouTube recording:


  • Paul Wessel
  • Meghan Jones
  • Federico Esteban
  • Claus-Peter Rueckemann
  • Walter Smith
  • Joaquim Luis


  1. Status update on GMT development
    • Number of open issues (233) / PRs (20)
    • 08/02/2021 - 09/02-2021 - 96 merged PRs; 31 closed issues; 21 new issues; 15 authors; 335 files; 10,790 additions; 8,666 deletions
  2. Summer workshops update
    • GMT for Geodesy
      • Close to 100 participants
      • Option to receive credit
      • New instructors - Federico, Meghan and continuing instructors Paul, Joaquim, Eric, Dongdong, Leo
      • UNAVCO will provide feedback from surveys
    • ESWN/PyGMT Developers workshop update
  3. EGU short course
    • Due on September 6, 2021
    • Funds to send Meghan and Wei Ji if interested
    • Paul expects to be in Europe
    • Collaborate on hackmd
  4. Documentation improvements
    • Updating animations
      • Mix of examples - quick, small GIFs need improvement that will be uploaded on YouTube. Federico leading effort.
      • Improve documentation to provide simple examples - animations will be made movies and putting them on YouTuve
    • Page for simple examples
  5. Community maintained GMT-related repository for datasets
    • Concerns - who is responsible for maintenance?
    • General agreement that we should not maintain this
    • Link to Ben example -
    • Provide a link to OSM or other resources/coastlines etc. might be useful (but these would need to be maintained as well)
  6. DVC
  7. GMT User Survey
    • Would help us determine effort
    • Do we have time that is flexible?
      • Might make more sense if we had a few possible directions, open ended might not help
    • Revisit survey idea if a proposal call that could be used for GMT comes out
    • Better to not ask about changing current style of development and characteristics
    • Forums provide a nice way for getting input
  8. Importance of refactoring code for being able to debug i/o
    • Separate i/o from functions calling them to reduce ifs and switches
    • Paul plans to look into the slowness
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