GMT Community Zoom Meeting, Thursday Apr 01 (UTC1800) [HST 0800]

The next GMT Community Zoom Meeting will be on April 01, 2021 at UTC 1800! Here’s a preliminary agenda for the meeting - feel free to suggest more agenda items by commenting in this thread. A zoom link will be posted shortly.

Preliminary agenda

  1. Status update on GMT development (new features, release schedule)
  2. Recruiting volunteers to help with the UNAVCO GMT for geodesy workshop
  3. Plan for developer workshops over the summer
  4. Update/discussion about GMT twitter account
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Notice: The GMT Community Meetings are recorded and posted on the GenericMappingTools YouTube channel.

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Meeting ID: 960 3374 6516

Shared meeting notes are here:

Thanks for a great meeting. Seems as though things are going very well for GMT. Also thanks for the ultra-fast responses on helping squash code bugs and fielding my silly questions! Cheers!

You are welcome John. And no question is silly as you know - they usually reveal a bug or bad design! Keep’em coming.

Youtube recording:

Meeting minutes


  • Paul Wessel
  • Meghan Jones
  • Federico Esteban
  • Dongdong Tian
  • Leonardo Uieda
  • Joaquim Luis
  • Wei Ji Leong
  • John Robbins
  • Kristof


  1. Status update on GMT development (new features, release schedule)
  • Number of open issues (184) / PRs (16)

    • 03/01/2021-04/01/2021 - 148 merged PRs; 47 closed issues; 9 new issues; 8 authors; 98 files, 1,354 additions, 1,350 deletions
  1. Recruiting volunteers to help with the UNAVCO GMT for geodesy workshop. Also finalize UNAVCO registration form for GMT Course:
  2. Plan for developer workshops over the summer
  3. Update/discussion about GMT twitter account


  • GMT 6.2.0 release candidate issue open
  • UNAVCO GMT course
    • Want to hold it before GMTSAR
    • Last year’s online course was pretty good, even though run across several timezones
    • Had about 80 students before, and had good student volunteers helping out, but also happy to take on more
    • Will polish last year’s material for this year, will be a 2021 repo for it, and a forum announcement
    • Material can also be used by anyone else to run their own GMT course at their institution
    • Need to smooth out GMT installation issues still though
    • May add something about wrappers, GMTmex, GMT.jl and PyGMT
    • Will make sure it doesn’t clash with SciPy 2021 from 12-18 July
    • Dates for 2020: June 30; July 1, 6, 13, 20-21, and 28, 2020
  • Summer based workshops for training GMT developers
    • Sometime in August perhaps, after the UNAVCO workshop
    • Leo suggested to reach out the the Earth Sciences Women’s network who have about 6000 people on their mailing list
    • Will send out a survey to plan out what the course will look like, based on the interests of people, and how many people there are
    • We could also try to recruit the people from this year for next year
    • Biggest hurdle may be learning bash and git, should have a crash course so that people can get up to speed on that, e.g. like the Software Carpentry
    • May also be helpful to have more GMT specific git tutorials
  • GMT Twitter account
    • What content to be on there?
    • Sporadic release announcements, animations, maybe also retweet other user content
    • Maybe good to be targeted at big conferences e.g. AGU and SciPy
    • Tweetdeck can be used to schedule tweets every couple of hours, do it ahead of time
    • Can point to showcase forum category with code
    • Ask for help on any questions in the forum
  • PyGMT logo, Leo’s been taking another stab at it (Design for PyGMT logo)
  • There’s some work on getting line wrapping for gmt help commands on the terminal (
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