GMT Community Zoom Meeting, Thursday Dec 17 (UTC 1800) [HST 0800]

Sorr for the late-ish notice but per last meeting’s notes we will have our next meeting this Thursday. Agenda will be updated soon but we will discuss the decision process to arrive at the new GMT themes (and the default theme for modern mode), resolving the FTP server issue, the NASA proposal “theme”, and random updates.

For your local time you can check

Are you planning an NSA proposal or an NSF proposal? Seems quite different :wink: .

Sorry, typo fixed. This is NASA program for “Open Source Tools, Frameworks, and Libraries”.

Ah, NASA and NSF are a lot more similar in function than NSA and NSF.

And NSA already knows what we wish to propose having analyzed our community zoom recordings.

Is the zoom link the same as last time?

Yes, sorry for not posting it above:

Paul Wessel is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: GMT Contributors Meeting
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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Meeting ID: 960 3374 6516

A clearer agenda:

  1. Any introductions
  2. Brief GMT updates since last meeting
    a) Auto-coloring of lines, GMT_COLOR_SET defaults
    b) Latex equations in single-line titles, labels (and soon pstext single lines (not -M))
    c) 3D netcdf cubes can now be read/written by grdinterpolate and written by greenspline.
  3. GMT themes and default theme for modern mode.
  4. NASA Proposal ideas
  5. FTP server vs Zenodo archiving
  6. Other matters?

Shared meeting notes are here:

Everyone is welcome to edit!

This has some good tips for running virtual sprints: