GMT Community Zoom Meeting, Thursday June 17 (UTC 1900)

The next GMT Community Zoom Meeting will be on June 17, 2021 at UTC 1900! All are welcome! Here’s a preliminary agenda for the meeting - feel free to suggest more agenda items by commenting in this thread. A zoom link will be posted shortly.

Preliminary agenda:

  1. Status update on GMT development
  2. GMT 6.3 release schedule
  3. Update about GMT UNAVCO workshop
  4. GMT usage message revisions
  5. PROJ geodesic routines

Zoom link:

Shared meeting notes are here:

Notice: The GMT Community Meetings are recorded and posted on the GenericMappingTools YouTube channel .

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2021/06/17 UTC 1900

Youtube recording:


  • Paul Wessel
  • Dongdong Tian
  • Will Schlitzer
  • Joaquim Luis
  • Meghan Jones
  • Federico Esteban


  1. Status update on GMT development
    • Released 6.2.0 on June 5
    • Number of open issues (201) / PRs (18)
      • 05/17/2021 - 06/17/2021 - 81 merged PRs; 31 closed issues;11 new issues; 7 authors; 288 files; 3697 additions; 2429 deletions
  2. GMT 6.3 release schedule
    • Need for 6.2.1?
      • Histogram issue posted by Dongdong is critical
      • Need to check on IGRF
    • Prefer to not take too long
    • Goal for 6.3.0 release date - sometime in mid-fall, possibly October
    • Many features were waiting for 6.3 - shading, aligning labels across plots, gmt/grd math, mixing geographic and cartesian axes, usage message improvements
    • Discussion about slanting tick marks with annotations, important for ternary plots- implemented in GMT.jl already - should be considered a bug
  3. Update about GMT UNAVCO workshop
    • Need to discuss how it will work this week
    • Introduction and install meeting coming up soon
      • Paul will lead those sections (basically lectures)
      • Paul will consider whether there should be one or two introduction sections, with recordings
      • Optionally installation session after students complete the homework (not a taped thing)
      • Copy/paste from last year for these two events
    • Need about three more people to help
      • Federico volunteered to help for the workshop
    • Discussed last meeting about gathertown versus zoom
      • Will look into it a little bit further
    • Who will present what?
      • Dongdong will present seismic sections
      • Paul will follow up with Eric about the geodesy sections
      • Joaquim will update the lines/points section
      • Paul will follow up with Leo about grid sections
      • Paul and Meghan will discuss the remaining sections
    • Credit
      • Some students enrolled in a 1 credit course, so they need to do a final project
      • Last year the students submitted their project on Slack (plan for this again this year)
    • UNAVCO will discuss whether instructors can be paid
    • UNAVCO can provide certificates for the instructors and all helping to run the workshop
  4. GMT usage message revisions
    • Will need help for implementation across modules
    • Everyone will pick a module to work on, good first issue
  5. PROJ geodesic routines
    • Proposed previously to replace gmt_proj.c and replace it with calls to PROJ4
      • Proposed to NSF previously but did not remain
      • Two issues on GitHub
    • Big task
    • Cannot do piping of projections, most we already use PROJ through gdal
      • Loxodromic geodesic functions are not in PROJ (only in GeographicLib)
    • Paul and Joaquim will discuss plot differences with different projection implementations