GMT Community Zoom meeting Thursday Oct 22 (UTC 1700) [HST 0700]

Aloha GMT Community-

Note the updated date Oct 22!

We will have another of our near-monthly GMT community meetings to discuss the current status of GMT and take stock of tasks that need action, especially in light of our Nov 16. hire of Meghan Jones as the new GMT postdoc. On the agenda:

  • Make a shopping list of tasks to work on the next 6 months
  • How to wrap up GMT Modern Theme discussion and choices
  • Planning for GMT 6.2.0 release this year
  • NASA proposal opportunity for Open Source Tools used in NASA science

Other items may be brought up as well.

Paul Wessel is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Sorry, we had to update the date to next week (Oct 22) - please make a note if you already marked your calendar for this week.

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Just on this, thought I’d cross-reference the link which is at{958CF134-D655-E512-B5AD-84501D14A0C1} . Some of you might also be interested in the Pangeo thread at

See everyone tomorrow!

Here are the notes for the meeting:

Argh, missed it … that NASA proposal looks promising!

Here’s the notes to save people going into Google docs. Feel free anyone to edit and add more relevant links or stuff. See also previous meeting notes at GMT Community Webex Meeting May 14 (UTC-04:00)


  • Meghan Jones is joining the team as a postdoc at U. of Hawaii next month!
  • Next GMT release (6.2):
    • Need to decide on GMT themes:
      • This is the way forward to get nicer more modern plots
      • Backward compatible with a “classic” theme
      • Need to start with some candidates for us to pick from
      • We’ll never agree on a single thing but that’s OK
      • A simple google forms survey can probably suffice
      • Can also do polls in Discourse so we can use the forum
      • Need a couple of examples for each configuration
    • Joaquim wants to finish the shakemap PR for this release at
      • There is a problem with padding of grid arrays which breaks some things and causes problems of memory copying for the external interfaces
    • There are a lot of fixes and features already so the release is needed
    • Date:
      • Before AGU (kind of dangerous since it’s crazy right before)
      • After AGU, for example January? Gives time to do it without going crazy
    • The conda-forge packages are now building weekly packages from master.
    • conda install -c conda-forge/label/dev gmt. See also
    • So people can try out 6.2 before it’s out.
      • Can have a binder link at so that people can try without installing
      • Joaquim can make weekly Windows builds, maybe with some scripting
      • Having the scripts would help a lot with increasing the Windows bus factor
  • NASA proposal:
    • New call for software maintenance:{958CF134-D655-E512-B5AD-84501D14A0C1}
    • Leo and Paul tried 2 x before.
      • First we messed up the deadline
      • Second got good reviews but focused on data and didn’t properly address using NASA servers, etc
    • This one is more software maintenance so might be better suited
    • Due in January so plenty of time
    • What are we buying with this grant?
      • Hire a programmer? ← This can be big since we can get someone who is very good at C to tackle a lot of the very hard stuff.
      • Hire a student?
      • In person meetings aren’t going to be a big thing for the next couple of years.
  • Need to give Meghan some guidance to start so our communication will need to be very good since she’ll be remote.
    • Reviving the Slack might be good
    • Should be restricted to contributors to avoid having a lot of questions that should be issues or forum posts
    • Pros of email is that everyone is already used to it
  • There is a long shopping list for things that Meghan can do.
    • There is some C stuff
    • She knows R so maybe ArrrrghGMT?
      • It’s possible to call Julia from R so could just use GMT.jl
    • Paul has a fancy Mac he’ll send to her
  • Given the current state of affairs, having Zoom GMT workshops would be nice.
    • Can be basic user and also contributor workshops
    • Live coding sessions to replicate the intense coding during GMT Summits
    • Videos of how to debug, how to build, etc would be useful