GMT course material

Is there any GMT course material out there that is a little more general than the 2020 GMT UNAVCO course, ie oriented towards GMT basics, plotting and map making, and/or signal processing basics (time series or spatial data)?

I assume the GMT tutorial is not sufficient?

I had this kind of undegrad course (from E. Calais, professor at ENS/France)

Thanks, Eric, that’s very helpful! Dietmar

Eric was my professor, not me :slight_smile:
It has been design for GMT4 though

OK, GMT4 notes are of limited use at this point :frowning: perhaps someone has something similar for GMT6?

I was wondering do you still have the course materials? I really like the CPTs used in those plots. It will be great if you could share some scripts, as well as the CPT files to us! (The forum has a “Showcase” category for such purpose!)

If you’re referring to the link I shared, it’s already in the pdfs files …

-Ctopo (standard GMT input)
-Crainbow (same)
set rivers = -I1/0/0/255;
set LAND = -G255/228/196
set WET = -S240/248/255
set COAST = -W1/0/0/255

Is that what you’re talking about ?

I was talking about “rob2.cpt”, “myglobe.cpt” etc in session 6. These look nice!

Ah sorry, no I don’t have them