GMT does not exist in conda-forge/linux-aarch64 or conda-forge/noarch


I’m trying to install GMT in a Docker image. However, the conda/mamba don’t seem to be able to find gmt.

My environment is a Macbook with a M2 Max chip.

Error message:
The following package could not be installed
└─ gmt does not exist (perhaps a typo or a missing channel).

Steps to reproduce the problem:
docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 -v ${PWD}:/home condaforge/mambaforge:latest
mamba install gmt

I guess this problem is because gmt is not available in conda-forge/linux-aarch64 or conda-forge/noarch? Is it possible to add gmt there?


Yes, currently, GMT on conda-forge only support linux-64, osx-64, win-64 and osx-arm64.

Could you please open a feature request then we can see what’s the best way to support linux-aarch64 and noarch (if possible)?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve opened an issue on Github (

It should be possible to support linux-aarch64 given that I can successfully install GMT 6.0 using the apt-get command. But I can’t use pygmt with gmt 6.0, hence my thread.

As mentioned at GMT and pygmt on Asahi Linux (ARM, Apple hardware), there should be aarch64 builds for GMT on conda-forge now, though they’re only limited to GMT 6.4 and above (or GMT 5.x).