GMT Error module not found (velo)

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with GMT velo (v6.1.1). When I try to use it, the module is not found.
I used the gmt --help to check which modules I have and velo is not listed.

After a reaserch, I am unsure how procee to install the velo module.
Do you have some suggestion, please?

Any advice much appreciated.

Thank you.

I suspect that is too old a GMT version, but the pyGMT folks will let us know.

I am not sure as in previous version like the 5.4.3, I don’t have any problem using velo.

An Ubuntu victim I guess.
There was a time when Ubuntu did not install the supplements.

Anaconda can install a very recent version of GMT (gmt6) if you have Anaconda on your system.