GMT.jl makecpt error: Need at least two nodes to form a CPT slice

Would anyone please help me check what I did wrong with my makecpt syntax?

topo = makecpt(cmap=:jet, range=(0,0.02,10) )


makecpt [ERROR]: **Need at least two nodes to form a CPT slice, your choice only resulted in 1 nodes**

**ERROR:** LoadError: Something went wrong when calling the module. GMT error number = 79.

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From the manual

So if third arg in range is meant to be the number of intervals between 0 and 0.02, do

topo = makecpt(cmap=:jet, range=(0,0.02,11,:number) );

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Many thanks! That was the problem.

I assumed that the interval should be in the middle, without realizing that GMT wants it to be at the end.