Gmt mapproject version issue

Hello GMT Community,
I’ve encountered an issue related to the gmt mapproject command while transitioning from GMT 5.3 to GMT 6.3. Specifically, I’ve noticed a discrepancy in the output format between the two versions when using the same command structure.

In GMT 5.3, when executing the following command:
echo “73.7281 21.8165” | gmt mapproject -JM15c -R0/360/-89.9/89.9 -G73.402/22.589/k
The output is as expected: 73.7281 21.8165 91.977.

However, upon executing an analogous command in GMT 6.3:
echo “73.7281 21.8165” | gmt mapproject -JM15c -R0/360/-89.9/89.9 -G73.402/22.589+uk
The output deviates from my expectations and giving UTM coordinates: 3.07200416667 17.7260727365 7920.34099495.
My objective is to replicate the output from GMT 5.3 while utilizing GMT 6.3. Could you please assist me in understanding why this discrepancy exists and guide me on how to achieve the desired output format in GMT 6.3?

Any insights, suggestions, or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and expertise.

The output of 5.3 seems wrong to me since you used -JM15c. If you only want the distance and recover the input lon lat location don’t use -J

It is worked. Thank you @Joaquim