Gmt movie error

Hi everyone. I’m giving the animation example4 a try, but there is an error stated that
" ‘cmd’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." I don’t know why there is a problem about “cmd”.

Here is my coding.

  1. pre.bat
    set range=-114/-103/35/40
    gmt begin
    gmt math -T0/360/1 T -o0 = angles.txt
    gmt makecpt -Coleron -T500/4500 -H > main.cpt
    gmt grdcut @earth_relief_15s -R%range%
    gmt end
  2. main.bat
    set /a width=%MOVIE_WIDTH%-1.5c
    gmt begin
    gmt grdimage -I+a%MOVIE_COL0%+nt2 -JM%width% -Cmain.cpt ^
    -BWSne -B1 -X1c -Y0.53c --FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY=9p
    gmt inset begin -DjBR+w2.1c/2.4c+o0.2c -F+gwhite+s+p
    echo 0.5 0.5 | gmt plot -R0/1/0/1 -JX0.05c -Sc2c -Gwhite -Wthinner -Y-0.15
    echo 0.5 0.5 | gmt plot -Sk@azimuth/1.0c -W1.75p -Gred
    echo Light Source | gmt text -F+cTC+f9 -Y0.1
    gmt inset end
    gmt end
  3. animation.bat
    gmt movie main.bat -Chd -Ntest -Tangles.txt -Vi -Sbpre.bat -Zs -Fmp4