GMT online documentation has disappeared


Some time in the last hour or two all the online documentation for GMT has disappeared. I know I should have downloaded it locally for my reference, but the online site is so convenient.

For example, I get a 404 error for this:



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Yes, I too seem to can not find online documentation, and I needed to refer to it on an urgent basis.
Hope it comes online soon…

Yeah. The one day in the last year when I really needed it was today. But there’s some law that says that’s how things go isn’t there?

Still: gmt command --help (e.g. gmt grdproject --help) works, but not as well as the web pages in my opinion.

If you have the source you can build the docs yourself. But agree, very inconvenient. Doesn’t happen often though.

Opened issue #7338 on GitHub.

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Thanks to @seisman the documentation is back online.

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It’s nice that this problem was noticed so fast - people must be using the docs.


I used to keep a binder full of GMT man pages (last printed in 2015). I use the on-line docs ALL the time, now. I feel very green not wasting paper, anymore.

I still have the binder, because it is filled with tons of notes on how to do things.

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