GMT plot

I want to mark certain locations (lat and long in a .txt file) on a world map with symbols. I am using the following code.

But I am not getting the desired results. Can you please resolve this issue?


gmt begin world png

gmt coast -Rg -JK180/22c -B45g30 -Gwheat -Slightblue -A1000 -Y7c

gmt plot -C -Sci -Wfaint -hi1 world_1.txt

gmt end

world.txt contains longitude and latitude of marking.


  • world.txt has | as field separator. GMT does not recognize that. use space or comma.
  • In your script your file is named world_1.txt. Should it be world.txt?
  • No size is given in -Sci. Try -Sc.1c
  • No CPT is given in -C - remove it.
  • -hi1 means your input file has 1 header line (I think). Does it? If not, remove it.

Thank you Andreas.