GMT special character issue

I opened a thread in the Julia Community but was unable to find a solution there.

My goal is to display some special characters in my colorbar. Here is an example: (µmol kg⁻¹). The approach I have tried is to type those special characters in my Juno Editor. Unfortunately, the resulting label looks like this:

I also tried the “LaTeXStrings.jl” package and it did not work properly either.

Anyone knows how I can add special characters to my color bar label properly?

I suspect only those who have looked at the text man page might know the answer.


Many thanks, Paul! I finally figured this out.

For future reference, you want to use @~ for special characters, @+ for superscripts and @- for subscripts. In my example, it would be written this way: (@~\155@~mol kg@+-1@+).

Yes, you did. And I replied

Hard to help when the suggestions are ignored.

I’m grateful for that reply, and my bad for having it slip out of my loop!