GMT without a Linux emulator?

Hello, I’ve installed GMT 6.4.0. I have a Windows system. I’ve been able to run 2 GMT modules (sample1d & filter1d) seemingly without a Linux emulator installed (no Cygwin, no Linux Windows subsystem installed). I am puzzled as to what GMT is using, as I’ve had to install Cygwin in the past (but have hit a snag with it this time).
Can someone explain this to me please?

Windows installer?

Did you install via the Windows GMT installer then you are running in WIN command Windows? Sorry, your post is thin on specifics.

installed gmt-6.4.0-win64.exe So this is a standalone that does not require a Linux emulator?

Correct. These are Windows binaries.

GMT runs natively on Windows for more then 20 years

Yay! Thanks for clarifying. Beginning in 2004 when we used GMT for a specific purpose, we also installed Cygwin. It is used infrequently, however, so I have not kept up with the changes along the way.
Thank you!

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thank you for the information!

You’re welcome!

Scripting in command prompt is a… mixed experience though, so you might want to use Cygwin, WSL, etc., to be able to use e.g. bash (Now @Joaquim will, well, bash me).

Sure :slight_smile: except for more elaborate scripts (where one really should use GMT.jl) I find that batch files is all one needs.

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