GMT5 pscoast issue

I have a problem with pscoast command. I am using the following commands in GMT5 in order to extract a file with the coastlines of Iceland.

pscoast -R-26/-12/62/68 -Df -W -M > iceland.txt

The problem is that I would like to not contain the lakes and the rivers coastlines.
How can I modify my pscoast command in order to make it??

Does -A5000 work (plots only area with area greater than 5000m^2)?

In GMT 6.4 you could use -W1 (I don’t remenber about GMT5).

pscoast -R-26/-12/62/68 -Df -W1 -M > iceland.txt

An old-fashion method is to read the man page, e.g. -A, and see how you can exclude lakes entirely, limit features (including islands) by area (as @PlanetGus), and more.

Thank you. But I have one more question…Is there a base in which we can see the limit features of all countries ? (except from Iceland) ?

You mean how to not define an area threshold arbitrarily? Not that I’m aware of. But you could probably compute that yourself with binstat (though I’m not sure gmt is the best tool for that)

I mean that for some cases of countries that include plenty of Island (for example Greece) -A5000 does not working, because I see that Islands coastlines/boundaries are not shown now. Is there a way to not show only the rives and lakes coastlines with pscoast command?

Did you read about -A. It is all there. I am not going to read it for you.

Thank you but unfortunately in GMT6 it is no use for me. I still see the coastlines of rivers and lakes and I want to ignore them…

Ok. You should check the documentation of the version that you have.

I mean I have downloaded the GMT6 but still no use… Thank you

Clearly you’re not trying to read the documentation.
-A is exactly what you are asking (-A0/0/1)

Are you telling us that despite using -A0/0/1 you are seing lakes. This was implemented in GMT 3 so I doubt your statement.