GMT6 modern mode - access Sandwell-Smith gravity remotely

Hello all,

Just installed GMT version 6, and a very impressive job indeed! Well done to all the developers.

A quick query regarding remote access of datasets. Is it possible to apply the same methodology as discussed in the examples from the paper, e.g.:
gmt grdimage @earth_relief_01m - by specifying the full URL and not downloading the entire file?

I noticed recently that on the FTP site for the gravity data, there is now an option for in addition to the standard .img files. Presently, I have used img2grd from the full file downloaded to create a region of interest.

Sorry for the basic query re: version 6, spent a long time in classic GMT mode!



I’m afraid it’s not possible to remotely read sub-regions of a netcdf grid. It probably can be done for some other formats via GDAL but for nc I know there are limitations on Windows driver that don’t let it work well.

Depending on the outcome of certain NSF and NASA proposals this may become much simpler down the road.