Gmtselect - selecting on time

I have a file consisting of three columns.

Col 0 has: date&time (in format yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.s)
Col 1 has lon
Col2 has lat.

Can the gmtselect command select data for a specific time range?

It would be useful if something like this could be used:

gmt gmtselect infile.txt -f0T,1x,2y -Z2019-08-18T02:51:00/2019-08-18T02:53:00+c0 > outfile.txt

Nothing is produced when the above command is used. Maybe I’m specifying it incorrectly?

Here are ten lines of my file to play with.

2019-09-18T02:50:30.0000019200 -141.847794 78.889200
2019-09-18T02:51:00.0000000000 -141.847794 78.889178
2019-09-18T02:51:29.9999980800 -141.847791 78.889157
2019-09-18T02:51:59.9999961600 -141.847788 78.889136
2019-09-18T02:52:30.0000028800 -141.847785 78.889115
2019-09-18T02:53:00.0000009600 -141.847781 78.889093
2019-09-18T02:53:29.9999990400 -141.847777 78.889072
2019-09-18T02:53:59.9999971200 -141.847772 78.889051
2019-09-18T02:54:30.0000038400 -141.847767 78.889030
2019-09-18T02:55:00.0000019200 -141.847762 78.889008

Works for me but only after changing August to September in your -Z args. Also, note that -qi is the new way to do this as it is is a common option and available via all table-reading modules.

Bad eyes! Can’t tell the difference between an 8 and a 9! But thanks for the tip about -qi.